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Individual Tax Returns

Federal Returns

Ellis BLB will file your individual federal tax return, including all necessary worksheets and schedules.


Multi-State Returns

If you have moved recently, you may have to file a multi-state return. These returns can become complicated depending on different tax laws in different states. We will file you multi-state return, including all necessary worksheets and schedules.


Electronic Filing

At Ellis BLB we file all tax returns electronically. Filing electronically allows for a faster return, and allows you to track the processing of your return. This also creates a permanent, electronic record of your return, making it easier to review past year’s returns.


Prior Years Filing Capabilities



Tax returns for Business Entities


An S-Corporation is one that has elected to pass its tax responsibility onto its shareholders. S-Corp tax laws are constantly changing, so it is best to have a tax professional file an S-Corp return.



Limited Liability Companies, or LLCs, are business structures allowed by state statute. Filing for a business entity like an LLC can be a complicated process, as determining profit or loss is not always straight forward. Our bookkeeping services can alleviate this process as well.



Estate tax filings are due nine months after the date of death, though extensions can be granted. We will file estate tax returns with all necessary forms.



When a trust earns income, it may be subject to income taxes. Tax law regarding trusts becomes complex if the decedent or grantor of the trust resided or resides in a different state.


Schedule C

A Schedule C is a business entity that typically consists of a sole proprietor.

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We partner with our clients to take the burden of reporting and recordkeeping off their hands so they can focus on what they do best. We truly are a partner in our clients businesses offering services tailored to their needs.

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