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Paycheck Printing

Ellis Bottom Line Bookkeeping will print your employee’s paychecks and deliver them to your place of business or to your employees.


Direct Deposit

We will set up direct deposits for your employee’s paychecks.


Annual W2/1099 Preparation

Ellis BLB will prepare your annual income tax returns. We can prepare both W2’s and 1099’s


Pay Stubs Emailed, Faxed, Mailed, or Delivered to Your Business

We deliver paychecks and pay stubs to you in any manner that you prefer.


Weekly, Monthly, and Annual Payroll Tax Return Preparation

Payroll taxes must be paid on a more frequent basis than general income taxes. We ensure that your payroll taxes are filed and correctly every period.


Timely Payroll Tax Deposits

Along with filing your payroll taxes, we will also make tax deposits on your behalf.


Labor Law Posters

Where to Find Us

We partner with our clients to take the burden of reporting and recordkeeping off their hands so they can focus on what they do best. We truly are a partner in our clients businesses offering services tailored to their needs.

729 Main St. Longmont, CO 80501

(720) 494-2552


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